Westpac HQ Sydney

A narrative of continuity. Stories from both the past and present weave their way throughout the HQ fit-out culminating in a curated museum like display in the executive leadership zone.

The displays, which house an extensive collection spanning across 200 years, act as social props that put visitors quickly at ease - providing a disarming humility that provides a conversational anecdote here and there.

This is a space that celebrates both it’s past and it’s future.

A collection of enduring continuity reminders.

Collaborators: There, Llight, Surface Design, NDY, MPA, APP, Wood & Grieve




Project Size: 850sqm

Project Completion: Mid- Late 2019



An immersive Café & Showroom underpinning a HQ Campus


Here conversations begin over a great cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Patrons are surrounded by lifestyle props and cues - and can discover the brand at their leisure.

The journey transitions from coffee to lifestyle cues - iPads, books and props - and then eventually conversations lead to the cars themselves.

This is an emotive window into a refreshed and reinvigorated brand. It is lifestyle orientated and inspiring.

This is spatial brand immersion at it’s most emotive.

Project in Ideation Phase.